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815 -A Brazos Street #101 Austin, TX 78701

Aeglea BioTherapeutics is a Texas based start up developing two drugs invented at UT Austin, novel engineered human enzymes that degrade the amino acids L-methionine (L-Met), or L- arginine (LArg) in the circulation. These drugs target the dependence of different tumors on L- Met or L-Arg for survival. This dependence is fundamentally different from the nutritional needs of normal tissues and represents a metabolic vulnerability to selective killing. The human genome does not encode enzymes with the right activities or properties, limiting application of this concept to immunogenic bacterial derived enzymes. We are raising a Series A financing for IND enabling studies and Phase 1 clinical trials in patients to establishing the safety profile, optimum biological dose, and immunogenicity profile of these novel enzymes. Based on the cancer genetics of L-Met and L-Arg dependency we are also pursuing a companion diagnostic strategy to identify patients likely to respond to treatment.